About SMP

About Us

We are SMP, Summers/Murphy & Partners, a creative, full service and budget conscious professional landscape planning firm with 50 years and many awards to our credit. The role of SMP has evolved and expanded over time, calling on us to research, innovate, apply new technologies and changing trends to the design process. Our goal is that the landscape planning component enriches both the beauty and value of the overall project. Our art exists to be seen and enjoyed, to invite and connect, to enliven and sustain. Our clients are glad to have us at the planning table, working together to research, develop and implement smart, sustainable and saleable solutions that address lifestyle, climate and land.

The SMP portfolio encompasses a breadth of experience, including landscape planning for residential design, master planned community design, commercial/institutional design, recreational/golf course, resort and hospitality design. The firm provides for every aspect of landscape master planning, whether it is governmental relations and community refurbishment in the U.S. and beyond, or plan checking services, both governmental and private entity. Moreover, we are keenly attentive to schedules and budgets, ever aware of the concerns and mandates that drive the land development process.